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The number of applicants is 1
Location: Dalian
Salary: Negotiable
Be responsible for branch office finance, cashier work, cash management, payment collection, establish cash account.
Qualification requirements:
Accounting related major, college degree or above, male or female, can be stationed abroad for a long time.
international trade specialist
The number of applicants is 1
Location: Fushan, Yantai
Salary: Negotiable
Job responsibilities:
1. develop new customers using B2B platform and free platform as well as exhibition
2. complete department sales target according to marketing plan
3. responsible for product market information collection and competitor analysis
4. manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan between customers
5. operate the whole export process individually, confirm the order details with the customer, follow up the order production, prepare the goods before shipment, collect the money, and feedback the customers, etc.
Qualification requirements:
1. 、 college degree or above, English level six or above, good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, fluent English communication and oral dialogue, using picture software is preferred
2. with more than 2 years working experience in foreign trade and export trade, no graduates experience Zhewu interference
3. able to develop overseas potential customers independently, experience in foreign trade and B2B network sales experience is preferred
4., with advanced marketing concepts and strong communication, coordination, business negotiation and market development capabilities
5., rich sales work passion and sense of responsibility, work style tenacious, hard-working, strong pressure resistance
The number of applicants is 1
Location: Fushan, Yantai
Salary: Negotiable
Job responsibilities:
1. assist department leader to make business plan and complete the sales target according to plan
2. responsible for finding agents, developing and maintaining regional agents
3. responsible for collecting information about the market
4. responsible for marketing work
5. assist new product development
6. participate in after-sales service
7. customer service and product knowledge
8. complete other tasks assigned by sales department and company
Qualification requirements:
1. college degree or above in marketing, e-commerce, solar energy or related fields.
2. marketing knowledge, the company's products and the use of knowledge.
3., photovoltaic products sales and other related work experience for more than one year
4., judgment and decision-making ability, interpersonal skills, communication skills, planning and implementation capabilities, customer service capabilities, expertise and skills.

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