The transparent backplane technology was released shockingly, and the industry leaders have praised it!

Achieved “Two Breakthroughs”

Super UV resistance: successfully solved the major technical problems of UV blocking and visible light transmission. The UV blocking rate exceeds 99.5%. After aging of DH3000 and UV1000, there is no attenuation and no yellowing.

Ultra-high light transmittance: The organic-inorganic hybrid nano-alloy material itself has the ability to reduce reflection and increase transmittance. The surface coating material can convert ultraviolet rays into visible light, and the light transmittance exceeds 93%.

The power of solar panels is increased by 15%-30%, and the weight of the product is reduced under the same output power.

Through high-quality products and rigorous certification, to provide customers with reliable protection!

“Big” shines! These new photovoltaic modules shine on the first day of SNEC exhibition

On August 8, the 14th (2020) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition officially kicked off. The annual SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition is not only a competition arena for photovoltaic enterprises’ products and technologies, but also a vane for the development of advanced technologies in the market.

From the perspective of photovoltaic modules, at this year’s exhibition, 500W+ and 600W ultra-high power modules are on the stage. Heterojunction and perovskite products are still one of the focuses of people’s attention. In addition, the BIPV field has become a new field for enterprises. Many component companies have released new components suitable for BIPV.