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Influence of Natural Conditions on Solar Energy

TIME:2016-12-07 14:42 No:151

The influence of solar elevation angle and geographic latitude, the solar elevation angle can affect the solar radiation intensity directly, the higher the latitude of the region, the smaller the height of the sun, the solar radiation intensity will be weak; In low latitude regions, the solar elevation angle will be greater, so that the sun's radiation intensity will be stronger, so in low latitude areas, the development of solar panels is more feasible.
Transparency of the atmosphere is a parameter of the sun through the atmosphere, when the sky is clear, the transparency of the atmosphere is very high, the sun will be stronger for the ground radiation, while the other is less; The higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the greater the transparency of the atmosphere. So the higher the altitude, the greater the solar radiation energy, these areas are more suitable for the development of solar panels.
Sunshine hours is also an important factor affecting the ground solar energy. The longer the general sunshine time, the greater the amount of solar radiation received by the ground.
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