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How to Determine The Quality of Solar Panels?

TIME:2016-12-05 15:33 No:150

In the transportation, handling, installation process of solar panels, easy to stampede and impact, resulting in the components are not easy to detect hidden dangers, greatly affect the use of components function. So how to judge solar panels good or bad? 
Solar panels are made of tempered glass, solar cells in series, eva, tpt, aluminum shell, junction box, when we inspect, also need to start from these parts.
First, we can look at the tempered glass surface. Generally small manufacturers in order to improve production speed, unintentionally put the silicone on the surface of tempered glass, the surface of the silica gel will reduce the power efficiency of the panel. Then look at solar cell welding. Some small manufacturers in order to save costs, they may use broken cells to weld together, this battery components exist a big risk. If the battery piece splicing is not good, easy to disconnect again later, affecting the use of the entire battery plate. The high quality solar panel adopts the battery string welding method, the welding is firm and the arrangement is regular. The last, we look at the border and the junction box.
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