What Causes the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells

More and more families are starting to use things about solar energy, like solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar door lights and more. But there is no way to know about the efficiency of solar energy. The following will take you to understand the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.

Let’s first look at what is a photovoltaic cell before talking about the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic cell is a device for converting solar energy into electric energy.If you understand the principle, you can get a rough idea of what causes the efficiency problems.

Photovoltaic cell efficiency mainly depends on three aspects:

a) solar panels

The main reason for solar panels is to collect sunlight, so the contribution is the biggest and the source of all development. Solar panels are used to convert solar energy into electronic movement. There are semiconductors on the solar panel, which convert light energy into electrons.

b) Inverter

The inverter is a device that converts electrons into electric current, so its role is also indispensable. All appliances are self-depleting, and no item consumes energy, so his loss is in the second step.

c) Power grid (battery)

The loss of the power grid is also not negligible, so long-distance power transmission will increase the voltage very high in order to reduce the loss during transmission. The battery is used to save electricity, and there is a conversion process inside, so the loss during the mutual conversion process is still very large.

In fact, there are a lot of lossy components, so photovoltaic cell efficiency has not been fully solved, but the progress of science and technology is progressive, so it has been resolved to a certain extent. For example, the use of more efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels, lower loss of the grid, more efficient batteries and so on.The conversion efficiency of photovoltaic cells has grown to more than 10%, which is really not easy, because the previous ones are usually less than 10%.

China’s solar energy production has surpassed Europe and Japan in 2012 to reach the world’s first, so more and more roads use the solar and wind-powered street lights, the average family is gradually using solar door lights. The root of solving these problems must be attributed to the advancement of science and technology. It is the development of science and technology that will enable future economic energy to enter every household. The photovoltaic cell efficiency problem will be solved in the future!




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