What are the technical advantages of the double glass components?

The double-glass component refers to a photovoltaic cell assembly formed by two glass and solar cells, which are formed by a string of wires and connected in parallel to the lead ends. In the face of many snail patterns, PID attenuation, low power generation, etc., the double-glass components show unique advantages in the practical application of photovoltaic power plants.Compared with the traditional components, it is mainly reflected in the aspects of high power generation, reducing the generation of snail grain, reducing pid attenuation, prolonging the life cycle of components, good weather resistance, environmental protection and easy recovery, and so on.

The main advantages of the double-glass components are: the average life expectancy can reach 30 years, and the life cycle of the 25-year life cycle of the general components is about 21% higher than that of the general components. The power generation decay rate is about 0.5%, which is better than the general components and almost impervious. It is resistant to corrosion, weathering and fire resistance. It can be used in high humidity zones, agricultural/fishing and light complementary projects, polyacid rain areas, and high salt spray areas. In addition, the double glass assembly is more wear resistant than conventional components and is resistant to wind and sand. High glass strength reduces snail cracking. The aluminum-free frame design reduces the PID attenuation rate.

Glass insulation is superior to metal backplanes, so double-glass components can accept higher system voltages and reduce the overall construction cost of photovoltaic power plants. According to the analysis, the double-glass component adopts two-sided photovoltaic glass, so it can greatly improve the performance of resistance to water, corrosion, rust, fire, sand. When the EVA resin used in the module and the silver wire printed on the cell are matched with the double glass component, the deterioration caused by moisture can be effectively avoided, so the attenuation rate of the power generation efficiency of the component is reduced, and the problems such as PID and snail grain are also reduced. Maintain stable quality of PV modules. In addition, the double-glass components have better light transmission.They can allow more sunlight to penetrate when applied to the agricultural/fishing and light complementary project. It can produce higher benefits than traditional components for the operation of agriculture and fish ponds. Its light transmission characteristics also make the double glass component more suitable for integration with general buildings, which can balance power generation, aesthetics and lighting.




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