How to Maintain Photovoltaic Power Plant Equipment

Important equipment maintenance check

According to the current equipment maintenance, the maintenance requirements of PV modules and combiner boxes are relatively large, and daily defects are concentrated on these two types of equipment. Some common abnormalities, such as component damage, MC4 plug overheating damage, busbar communication board damage, branch circuit fuse, branch cable grounding, etc., we must be targeted technical treatment, otherwise it will develop into equipment failure, it will Seriously affect power generation efficiency and cause more accidents.

Confluence box maintenance

For the combiner box, we must first know how to judge the health of the equipment through the monitoring system and analyze whether the change of the data is within the normal interval. The warning of the system is generated after the abnormality of the fault occurs. Our maintenance work needs to be in advance to determine the possibility of error before the abnormal warning, and go to the maintenance adjustment in time.
Check the branch current and insurance status. If there is zero current, you need to check if you want to replace the insurance.
Reinforce the string MC4 plug to determine if there is any heat. If it is, in order to avoid the plug burning, you need to replace the plug.
Check whether the bypass cable is complete and clean the foreign objects around the cable. For example, if the voltage of one pole to ground is zero or a small fixed value in the open state, the grounding pole should be twisted and the damaged insulation layer should be repaired in time. .
Check whether the input and output terminals of the combiner box are blackened and blackened, and the terminal and cable head should be replaced in time for serious aging.
Clean the dust and deposits on the inner wall of the combiner box, check whether the base is hot and discolored, especially the newly put into operation, pay special attention to the heat, clean and reinforce the related heat dissipation facilities.

Component maintenance

Check and reinforce the various wiring and fixtures between the components and brackets. Inspect and clean the surface of the component for damage and hot spots.
Check all components, cables, electrical equipment and grounding, clean the outside of the insulation, replace the new cable segments with signs of aging, or seal them with insulating tape.
In the case that the corrosion degree of the support is light and does not affect the stability of the support, the rust-removed part is subjected to rust removal treatment, and the rust-proof layer is re-sprayed. If the degree of corrosion affects the stability of the installation, the patch is welded and reinforced or replaced. Inverter maintenance
Compared with the components and the combiner box, the inverter has a complicated structure, many components, complicated working principle, relatively poor reliability, and more complicated maintenance work.
Daily records closely observe operating data such as voltage and current. Most of the potential problems are intuitively feedback at the data level, and there are certain differences in the different component families that need to be considered.
For each maintenance and cleaning, pay attention to the condition of the exhaust system of the inverter facility, and clean and reinforce the interface cable of the exhaust facility. If there is abnormal exhaust, it should be dealt with immediately if there is any problem with the operation of the inverter.

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