How much Power can a PV Panel Emit in a Year?

How many kilowatts can a photovoltaic panel emit in a year? This involves two determinants of photovoltaic power generation:

First, the power generated by photovoltaic panels.

Second, the installation area of photovoltaic panels.

In the same region, the higher the power generation of photovoltaic panels, the shorter the time spent on generating 1 kWh, and the higher the power generation in one day.

Photovoltaic panels generate electricity with sunlight. Therefore, it will not be able to send electricity at night. In the same way, the wind and the smog, the rain and snow, and almost no electricity. This means that photovoltaic power generation is closely related to the installation area. Different resource areas, the same type of photovoltaic panels, will also generate different amounts of electricity. In some places, there is plenty of light and it is inherently dominant.

Calculating the average value, a photovoltaic panel can send about 400 degrees (theoretical) of electricity a year.

Why is it theoretical? This is because, in addition to the photovoltaic power generation capacity and installation area (annual equivalent utilization hours), photovoltaic power generation is subject to external factors such as installation angle and orientation, local climate, Connect the line material, surface obstruction, etc.

Installation of photovoltaic panels requires the installation of angles and orientations in order to maximize the acceptance of the photovoltaic panels.

Rainfall, snowfall, smog for a long time, sandstorms, etc., even the sun can not see, no matter how good photovoltaic panels can not send electricity.

If you use a cable such as a poor quality cable, the power is secretly leaked, and the hair is no longer useful, and it is prone to accidents. This shows the importance of the material.

Photovoltaic panels should be cleaned from time to time. For example, there are big trees near the photovoltaic panels, or tall houses. The total illumination has not been several hours, how to fully generate electricity. This is the problem of site selection. Or, the local wind and sand is large, only the photovoltaic panels are installed, but they are not carefully maintained. The panels are dusty and cannot fully generate electricity.

All of the above are factors that affect photovoltaic power generation, so if you want to generate more power, you have to work hard to maintain care.

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