Causes and analysis of common phenomena in the lamination process of polycrystalline components

The following are some of the problems that are often encountered in actual production.

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1. There are fragments in the component.

2. There are bubbles in the assembly.

3. There are hair and garbage in the assembly.

4. The bus bar is bent inward.

5. The back film of the component is uneven.

problem analysis

First, there are fragments in the assembly, which may cause: 1. Since there is no welding flatness during the welding process, there is a pile of tin or tin slag, and the battery piece is crushed when vacuuming.

2, the original battery has been a dark injury, coupled with premature lamination, EVA also has a very good fluidity.

3. When the component is lifted, the gesture is unreasonable and the hands are pressed to the battery.

Second, there are bubbles in the components, the possible causes: 1, EVA has been cut, placed too long, it has absorbed moisture.

2. The EVA material itself is not pure.

3, the vacuum is too short, the pressure can not drive out the bubble.

4. The pressure of lamination is not enough.

5, the temperature of the heating plate is uneven, so that the local curing in advance.

6. The lamination time is too long or the temperature is too high, so that the organic peroxide is decomposed and oxygen is produced.

7. There is a foreign matter, and the wetting angle is greater than 90°, so that there is gas next to the foreign object.

Third, the components have hair and garbage, may cause: 1, due to EVA, DNP, small cars have static electricity, the floating hair, dust and some small garbage to the surface.

2, when stacked, the body works above the components, but not some small flying insects die in the assembly.

Fourth, the bus bar is bent inward, which may cause: 1. In the lamination, the bus bar position will gather more gas. The rubber sheet is pressed down to press the gas out of the assembly, and the part of the gap is filled by the EVA which is more fluid. This flow of EVA bends the original straight bus bar.

2. The contraction of EVA.

Fifth, the back film of the component is uneven, which may cause: 1. The excess EVA will stick to the high temperature cloth and the rubber board.

problem solved

1. There are fragments in the assembly: 1. First, the welding quality should be checked in the welding area, and some needles should be made for the employees.

Sexual training allows the weld to be formed at one time.

2. Adjust the lamination process, increase the vacuuming time, and reduce the lamination pressure (adjusted by lamination time).

3. Control all the links and optimize the gesture of the laminate personnel.

2, there are bubbles in the component: 1, control the number of EVA used every day, let each employee understand the daily production tasks.

2, the material is determined by the manufacturer, so try to choose a better material.

3. Adjust the lamination process parameters to make the vacuuming time appropriate.

4. Increase the lamination pressure. (Adjustable by lamination time or by laminating a high temperature cloth.

5, pad high temperature cloth, so that the components are evenly heated. (The maximum temperature difference is less than 4°).

6. According to the parameters provided by the manufacturer, determine the total time of lamination to avoid too long.

7, should pay attention to 6S management, especially in the lamination process, try to avoid the fall of foreign bodies.

3, the components have hair and garbage: 1, do a good 6S management, keep the surrounding working environment clean, and work laundry pants to do personal hygiene.

2. Adjust the process, optimize the operation of the lamination process, and change the single-handed material to double.

3, control channel, install mosquito killer lights, reduce the entry of small flying insects.

4. The bus bar is bent inward: 1. Adjust the lamination process parameters to lengthen the vacuuming time and reduce the lamination pressure.

2. Choose a better material.

5, the component back film unevenness: 1, buy a better rubber sheet.

2. Do a good job of cleaning the high temperature cloth every time, and clean the residual EVA on the rubber board in time.

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